Perak: Is it wrong for Umno-DAP

Perak: Is it wrong for Umno-DAP

SO Many comments about the new Perak state government.

So many prophecies about the possibility that Umno will join force with any interested parties outside the Perikatan Nasional partnership, and the wild guesses that the largest Malay party will rather choose PKR and DAP should PPBM and PAS refuse to.

Hey! Stop it laaa… please! Especially those critics from Pejuang and other sour grapes who wish to see Umno cracks under pressure.

Make it simple and straight forward.

When PPBM, Pas, PKR and others had formed political pacts with DAP under Pakatan Rakyat and Pakatan Harapan, why can’t Umno? Why are you barking around, contesting the idea and riding on ‘penyatuan ummah’ sentiment?

If there is a truth in it, why the double standard? Why didn’t you think of Malay unity back then? Screw you!

Hello! Umno has 25 state seats compared with five of PPBM and three PAS. On the Opposition bench, DAP has 16, Amanah 5 and PKR 3. It means PN has 33 compared to 24 of the Opposition. If PPBM and Pas refuse to join Umno to form a new state government, Umno has no choice but to open its door to whoever deemed fit as partners.

What’s wrong with that? With DAP, it can easily secure a majority of 41 seats. With one from Gerakan and one Independent, plus PKR and Amanah, it will easily get 35, which is enough to run the state. So, what the issue here?

Umno president and BN chairman Zahid Hamidi has had an audience before Perak Sultan yesterday and what transpired is yet to be known. However, pundits were already making unfounded allegations that Umno will take DAP and PKR, or DAP alone.

To me, nothing is wrong. Politics is dynamic, its all about chances and opportunities, either you try or you cry. No point talking about principles and stance when you don’t have power or enough power. Don’t be melodramatic about it!

However, I believe the Sultan has the wisdom to determine what is best for Perak people. Zahid too is tactful and careful enough in choosing the right partner should such a situation occur. But PAS has already made it clear that they will join the new administration, except for PPBM who still wants to be the ‘minority rules’.

So, stop all this guessing and shaman jobs. Wait for the result. If you go on like this, you may end up as fools!

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(This article was taken without any adjustment. It does not portray any Malaysiapost stands)

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