Azis Jaman slams government over fines for poor Sabah villagers

Azis Jaman slams government over fines for poor Sabah villagers

WARISAN Wira Chief, Datuk Azis Jamman was appalled by news that a group of poor villagers had to pay RM1, 000 each while en route to Tenom to buy food and medicine.

Azis said although they had breached movement restrictions, the authorities should have been sensitive to their plight.

“The people are already doing their best to comply with the Movement Control Order (MCO) but the government should also be sympathetic to their plight.

“It’s bad enough that there is no food aid but their movements are also restricted. They need food and medicine.

“What does the government expect them to do? Starve themselves?” he said.

Azis who is also the Member of Parliament for Sepanggar was commenting on a news report that eight villagers were arrested and fined on Jan 27.

One of those arrested said she had to go to Tenom town to get food and especially medicine for her disabled granddaughter.

In urging the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) state government to expedite food aid distribution, Azis said there should be no discrimination because the Covid-19 virus was blind to race, religion and politics.

“When elected representatives from the opposition visit their constituents, please don’t stop the MPKK and village chiefs from joining in because our sole purpose is to help the people who have been affected by the pandemic,” he added.

Earlier today, Azis was with Warisan president, Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal in Kg Cenderamata, Likas to distribute food aid to the villagers and repair a boardwalk in the village.

Meanwhile, the MP pointed out that poor internet coverage in Sabah impeded lessons for school children.

It has been widely reported that some have to set up camps in the forest to get connection while others in Kudat climb up a hill to gain access to the internet.

“Furthermore, parents have to fork out money to buy prepaid cards for the phones too which is tough for cash-strapped families,” said Azis who urged the government to act immediately.

He suggests the government call on all telcos to provide free access to the internet for these children for the duration of the State of Emergency and MCO.

“These companies have been making huge profits for many years in Malaysia. And they are still making money even during these tough times. They should contribute to society by helping to ease the financial burden on these families,” he added. -Malaysiapost

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