MN remains, unless PAS declares calling it off

MN remains, unless PAS declares calling it off

I DON’T agree to suggestions that Muafakat Nasional (MN) is defunct amid Pas pledge to cooperate with Bersatu in the next general election. No doubt that it is tormenting Umno but the MN ‘brand’ will go into GE15 as a unifying catalyst for both parties grassroots.

We have to admit how Malaysians have accepted and recognise the MN labeling when it notched seven consecutive victories in the last by-elections. The manner it moved the voters, irrespective of race, is something Umno and other parties must recognise.

In Tanjung Piai, for instance, MCA victory was beyond expectation. The euphoria was fantastic, a testament how MN and Barisan Nasional were well-received by the interfaith Malaysians. Are we going to just let go of it?

Bet no!

Umno can always do it alone, with or without Pas. At the grassroots level, members and supporters of both parties together with others are blended with high hope that MN and BN will elevate their position in the next general election.

I could feel how Pas’ top brass are divided over their decision yesterday, with some opposing it. But they are a PN’s component. On top of that, they had never been in the Central Government, something hard for them to abandon. The luxury is over there, in Putrajaya.

Don’t blame them either. Despite the MN Charter signed with Umno after the Penyatuan Ummah on September 14, 2019, Pas needs something it can cling on in order to stay relevant. However, after the split that led to the formation of Amanah before GE14, another crisis is imminent.

Some say its Pas’ nature. After breaking rank with Pakatan Rakyat (with PKR and DAP) in GE13, it never stopped finding a new political venture for its mileage.

As a member in the Opposition together with Umno after GE14, Pas had to agree in establishing a formidable pact with Umno – the party it had been at odd for 60 years) as a platform to unseat Pakatan Harapan.

They manage to oust PH after 22 months. However, the opportunity to grab the chance in Putrajaya cannot be resisted. Although Umno is also in, the found more comfort with the Bersatu-led government which prompted (maybe) them to ride on the ‘penyatuan ummah’ bandwagon for Umno and Bersatu to work together.

They failed to distinguish the fact how badly Umno was treated by Bersatu. Of course, Pas did not complain because for them, being in the government is lucrative enough. While urging Umno to work with Bersatu, they at the same time rejected the idea to cooperate with Amanah!

MN remains status quo, unless Pas declares calling it off. Will they?

Umno may continue with MN, perhaps with other parties should Pas decides to exit it. In this scenario and situation, I think its nothing wrong for Umno to accept friendly and honest partners into it and make it more popular prior to GE15.

That’s Pas you have to accept. MN is there to stay. But bear in mind, once beaten twice shy!

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(This article was taken without any adjustment. It does not portray any Malaysiapost stands)